In 2020, I am pleased to be publishing a story from George Salis in Paper Butterfly Flash Fiction. George’s first novel Sea Above, Sun Below is now available from River Boat Books – read on for more details!

George Salis’ debut novel, Sea Above, Sun Below, is available to order from River Boat Books here (the first 100 copies are signed limited editions):…

For international orders, there is a special price that includes shipping here:…

Sea Above, Sun Below is a real treat, a feast for the mind and a dizzying rollercoaster of a read. It’s an example of magic realism at its best.”
– Erik Martiny, author of The Pleasures of Queuing

Upside-down lightning, a group of uncouth skydivers, resurrections, a mother’s body overtaken by a garden, aquatic telepathy, a peeling snake-priest, and more.

Sea Above, Sun Below is influenced by Western myths, some Greek, some with biblical overtones, resulting in a fusion of fantastic dreams, bizarre yet beautiful nightmares, and multiple narrative threads that form a tapestry which depicts the fragility of characters teetering on the brink of madness.


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