Little Known Facts About Young Erwin Schrödinger


Gregg Chamberlain

“Dear,” said Frau Schrödinger to her husband, “I really wish you would stop letting our young Erwin read those weird books in your library.”

“Mmm? Oh, ja.” Herr Schrödinger, his face buried within his newspaper, replied without looking up.

“I am very worried about their influence on him. He’s at a very impressionable age.”

A non-committal grunt was the sole response.

“All those stories of ghouls, vampyres, and zombies, they can’t be good for him.”

Another grunt.

“Now he spends all day staring at the cat and muttering ‘dead, not dead, dead, not dead, dead, not dead’ over and over.”


Gregg Chamberlain, and his dear Anne, live in rural Ontario, with their two cats, who are very much alive and quite enjoy sharing their home with their human companions.

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